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Evaluate, Take, Defend a Position
Students analyze and consider various points of view before taking and defending a position. read more »
Cause and Effect
Understanding cause-and-effect relationships can help students understand why events and actions happen. read more »
Previewing Lesson Organization
This strategy and accompanying graphic organizer help students understand how the We the People: The Citizen & The Constitution: The Citizen & The Constitution text is organized. read more »
Prediction Chart
Students make predictions about the content they are about to read. As they read, they revise their predictions. read more »
Take a Stand
Students gain experience in sharing, discussing, and defending their opinions. read more »
Three Levels of Questions
Students formulate questions about the material at three different levels--fact, interpretation and evaluation. read more »
Word Wall
Large printed vocabulary words are hung on the wall for reference. They can also be placed in a t-chart in which student match vocabulary with questions, connections, or news articles. read more »
Vocabulary Chart
Students use a chart to make predictions about what words mean, keep a record of the vocabulary words they learn. read more »
Students read content together. One student read, one summarizes, and the third asks questions. read more »
Map With a Purpose
The map with a purpose guides students to think about a lesson's purpose, preview the lesson, activate prior knowledge, take notes, and write questions that remain. read more »
Paired Reading
Student pairs read together helping one another understand content. read more »
Chronological Order of Events
Students use the Chronological Order Organizer with text in which a series of events or actions needs to be understood in the order they occurred. read more »
Compare and Contrast
Students tell how things are alike and different. This is generally done using a Venn Diagram, but another organizer is provided. read more »
Metacognitive Conversation With the Text
Learners think about their thinking and comprehension as they read. read more »
Rotation Stations/Carousel
Students will share their thoughts, ideas, and/or knowledge on a variety of topics or subtopics on chart paper hanging around the room. read more »